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  • Köroğlu,

Köroğlu, active 16th century (Personal Name)

Preferred form: Köroğlu, active 16th century
Used for/see from:
  • Gër-ogly, active 16th century
  • Gȯrogly, active 16th century
  • Gŭrŭghli, active 16th century
  • Këroglu, active 16th century
  • Kerogly, active 16th century
  • Körog̲h̲lu Rūs̲h̲en, active 16th century
  • Kʻorogli, active 16th century
  • Earlier heading: Köroğlu, 16th cent.
  • Kurawghlī, active 16th century
  • Kurroglou, active 16th century
  • Kūrūghlī, active 16th century
  • Kʻyoṛōghli, active 16th century
  • Ruşen Ali, active 16th century
  • Кёроглу, active 16th century

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Koroğlu Semineri (1982 : Bolu, Turkey) Köroğlu Semineri bildirileri, 1983: p. 67, etc. (Köroğlu, a Celalî leader, real name Ruşen or Ruşen Ali; lived in Bolu and rebelled against the Bey of Bolu, 1579-1582, according to Ott. documents)

LC data base, 2-8-89 (usage: Köroğlu; Kurroglou, Kʻyoṛoḡhli, Kerogly, Gȯrogly, Gër-ogly, Gŭrŭghli, Kʻorogli)

Encyc. of Islam. (Körog̲h̲lu, a rebel of the Anatolian D̲j̲elālī movement in 16th cent. & hero of a popular romance; from region of Bolu, Turkey; probably same as soldier bard who took part in campaigns in Caucasus & Azerbaijan in 1584/5; Körog̲h̲lu Rūs̲h̲en)

Phil. turc. funda.: v. 2, p. 24-28 (Köroğlu; histor. figure which was point of departure for Köroğlu epics was Köroğlu Rūšen, a Celalî leader and poet; b. in Bolu)

Büyük lûgat ve ansikl. (Köroğlu,; hero of a Turkish folk story; it can be assumed that the 16th cent. Celali of Bolu & the jannisary poet who was in the 1577/1590 Ott. Iran campaign are the same; other theories hold that he was from Horasan, from the Upper Aras, or from Kars)

Kūrzād, 1968: t.p. (Kūrūghlī)

Iz "Këroglu", 1984: t.p. (Кёроглу = Këroglu)

Encyc. Brit. 15th ed.

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