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  • Köroğlu (Poem)

Köroğlu (Poem) (Uniform Title)

Preferred form: Köroğlu (Poem)
Used for/see from:
  • Köroğlu destanı
  • Kör-oğlu (Poem)
  • Kʻorogli (Poem)
  • Keroglu (Poem)
  • Koroghlu (Poem)

Heading for basic story; use only as an added entry with the addition of a language according to 25.12.

Its Keroglu, 1959.

Boratav, P.N. Köroğlu destanı, 1983: t.p. (Köroğlu destanı)

Encyc. of Islam. (Körog̲h̲lu, a rebel of the Anatolian D̲j̲alālī movement in the 16th cent and the hero of a popular romance until recently remained a legendary personality of the epic-romantic cycle; exploits told in Anatolia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan as well as among peripherally Turkish Speaking Kirgiz, Kazak, Tatar and non-Turkish Armenians, Kurds, Georgians, Tadjiks)

Phil. turc. funda., v. 2, p. 24 (Epic poem of Köroġlu; personage historical but not officially well known; has innumerable versions)

BLC: v. 178, p. 180 (Kör-oğlu)

Encycl. Brit. Microped.: v. 5, p. 896 (Köroğlu, legendary warrior, subj. of many epics in Turkic literature)

Čʻlaiże, L. Kʻoroglis eposis kʻartʻuli versia, 1978 (subj.) t.p. (Kʻoroglis)

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