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Turkey History Revolution, 1908 (Geographic Name)

Preferred form: Turkey History Revolution, 1908
Used for/see from:
  • Earlier heading: Turkey History Revolution, 1909
  • Turkey History Young Turk Revolution, 1908
  • Türkiye Tarih, Devrim, 1908
  • Türkiye Tarih, İhtilal, 1908
  • Türkiye Tarih, Jön Türk Devrimi, 1908
  • Türkiye Tarih II. Meşrutiyet, 1908

2014018282: Der Matossian, B. Shattered dreams of revolution, 2014: ECIP t.p. (from liberty to violence in the late Ottoman Empire) data view (The Ottoman Revolution of 1908) galley (the Young Turk Revolution of July 24, 1908)

Enc. Britannica Online Academic Ed., viewed May 9, 2014 (The Young Turk Revolution of 1908. On July 3, 1908, Major Ahmed Niyazi, apparently fearing discovery by an investigatory committee, decamped from Resne with 200 followers, including civilians, leaving behind a demand for the restoration of the constitution. The sultan's attempt to suppress this uprising failed, and rebellion spread rapidly. Unable to rely on other troops, on July 24 Abdülhamid announced the restoration of the constitution; In April 1909, however, an army mutiny in Istanbul (known because of the Julian calendar as the "31st March Incident") spread, although order was eventually restored in Istanbul and more quickly elsewhere)

New World Enc., viewed May 9, 2014 (The Young Turk Revolution of July 1908 reversed the suspension of the Ottoman parliament by Sultan the Abdul Hamid II, who abdicated, marking the return to Constitutional government; The CUP issued its revolutionary proclamation on July 6. On July 24, Abdül Hamid announced restoration of the constitution; Elections were held and parliament was re-opened by the Sultan on December 17th)

Wikipedia, viewed May 9, 2014 (Young Turk Revolution. The Young Turk Revolution of 1908 reversed the 1878 suspension of the Ottoman parliament, the General Assembly, by Sultan Abdulhamid II, marking the onset of the Second Constitutional Era of the Ottoman Empire)

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