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Turkey History Tanzimat, 1839-1876 (Geographic Name)

Preferred form: Turkey History Tanzimat, 1839-1876
Used for/see from:
  • Turkey History Reorganization, 1839-1876
  • Türkiye Tarih Tanzimat, 1839-1876

Work cat.: Mustafa Reşit Paşa ve Tanzimat, 1985.

LC data base, 5/15/89 (Tanzimat)

Americana: under Turkey (Tanzimat reforms foisted on the Ottoman Empire by European powers remained little more than a statement of good intentions)

Britannica Macro.: under Ottoman Empire (Tanzimat, 1839-76, name given to the series of Ottoman reforms promulgated during the reigns of Abdülmecit I, 1839-61, and Abdulaziz, 1861-76. Central reforms: reorganization of the Army following the Prussian conscript system; in the administration: center and provincial; in society, thru education and law)

Britannica Micro. (Tanzimat (Turkish: Reorganization) reform movement in the Ottoman Empire, concessions to European powers and non-Muslim subjects of the Empire)

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