Looking closer 2 : critical writings on graphic design / Looking closer two Critical writings on graphic design edited by Michael Bierut [and others] ; introduction by Steven Heller - xiii, 273 pages ; 25 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index

Introduction / Steven Heller -- Soup of the Day / Veronique Vienne -- Towards the Cause of Grunge / Tobias Frere-Jones -- Fellow Readers: Notes on Multiplied Language / Robin Kinross -- The Rules of Typography According to Experts / Jeffery Keedy -- The New Typographer Muttering in Your Ear / Kevin Fenton -- Look at Me! Look at Me! (What Designers Want) / Paul Stiff -- Fabulous Us: Speaking the Language of Exclusion / Natalia Ilyin -- Designing Beauty: From the Outrageous to the Sublime / Veronique Vienne -- It May Be Wrapped But Will It Warp? / Jon Wozencroft -- Discovery by Design / Zuzana Licko -- Electronic Typography: The New Visual Language / Jessica Helfand -- The Politics of Style / Philip B. Meggs -- Emigre Comes of Age / Michael Rock -- Design is Hell / Steven Heller -- Building Bridges Between Theory and Practice / Rick Poynor -- Graphic Design Education as a Liberal Art: Design and Knowledge in the University of the "Real World" / Gunnar Swanson -- Building Bridges: A Research Agenda for Education and Practice / Andrew Blauvelt and Meredith Davis -- Reflecting on a Stone / Philip C. Repp -- Facing Up to the Reality of Change / Rob Dewey -- Where the Dear God Lives / Robin Kinross -- The Place of Originality in the Information Age / Paul Saffo -- From Eternity to Here / Karrie Jacobs -- The Future of the Book as Viewed from Inside a Tornado / Timothy Barrett -- Advertising: Mother of Graphic Design / Steven Heller -- How Long Has This Been Going On? Harper's Bazaar, Funny Face, and the Construction of the Modernist Woman / Susan Sellers -- Designers and Visibility: Design -- Not Biology -- Is Destiny / Veronique Vienne -- Underground Matriarchy / Laurie Haycock Makela and Ellen Lupton -- The Politics of Cultural Ownership / Fath Davis Ruffins -- Is There Legal Protection for Cultural Imagery? / Rosemary J. Coombe -- Think First, Design Later / D. K. Holland -- Certification for Graphic Designers? A Hypothetical Proposal / Ellen Shapiro -- The Case Against Certification / Gunnar Swanson -- In Defense of Unprofessionalism / Michael Rock -- Nature or Nurture / Michael Bierut -- Graphic Design: An Unprotected Frontier of Intellectual Property / D. K. Holland -- Design and Business: The War is Over / Milton Glaser -- Thinking about Communication / John Bielenberg -- Mirror, Mirror / Peter Laundy -- There is Such a Thing as Society / Andrew Howard -- Hitler's Children: Nazi Iconography in Contemporary Design / Steven Heller -- Critical Way Finding / Ellen Lupton and J. Abbott Miller -- Countering the Tradition of the Apolitical Designer / Katherine McCoy -- Women Who Turn the Gaze Around / Pamela A. Ivinski -- Norm and Form: On the Role of Graphic Design in the Public Domain / Hugues C. Boekraad -- Photography, Morality, and Benetton / Tibor Kalman -- Paul Rand / Janet Abrams -- Rub Out the Word / Rick Poynor -- Paganini Unplugged / Rick Poynor -- Notes on Edward Fella: "Design in a Border Town" / Lorraine Wild -- Projects of Optimism / Dan Friedman

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Commercial art
Graphic arts

NC997 / .L63 1997
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