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  • Action and adventure films

Action and adventure films (Topical Term)

Preferred form: Action and adventure films
Used for/see from:
  • Action-adventure films
  • Action cinema
  • Action films
  • Action movies
  • Adventure and action films
  • Earlier heading: Adventure films
  • Adventure movies
  • Aksiyon ve macera filmleri
See also:

GSAFD, 2000 (Adventure films. UF Swashbucklers, Thrillers)

Yee, M.M. Moving image materials, 1988 (Swashbucklers. Use for fictional genre films in which the protagonist, in period costume, fights, usually with his sword, for a noble cause. RT Epics; Thrillers: USE Crime drama, Disaster drama, Horror drama, Spy drama)

The moving image genre-form guide, via WWW, Mar. 6, 2001 (Adventure. Fictional work set in a historical period, from the Middle Ages through the 19th century, typically dramatizing the exploits of actual historical figures or incidents, including kings and battles, rebellion, piracy and the Spanish Main, travel, exploration, and the creation of empires. Larger ideological issues are mythicized and conflicts personalized over historical accuracy. Adventure usually involves a courageous, altruistic and patriotic hero willing to fight for his beliefs, who becomes involved in a struggle for freedom by overcoming oppression and helping to create a more just society. Used for Swashbuckler. Other genres often confused with Adventure include Ancient world, Animal, Aviation, Crime, Thriller, Science fiction, Survival, and War; for a comprehensive list, examine the see references under Action-adventure; Action-adventure see such genres as Adventure, Ancient world, Animal, Aviation, Caper, Crime, Disaster, Espionage, Fantasy, Gangster, Jungle, Martial arts, Mystery, Police, Prehistoric, Prison, Science fiction, Singing cowboy, Sports, Survival, Thriller, War, Western, Yukon)

Julius, M. Action! : the action movie A-Z, c1996.

Action/spectacle cinema, 2000.

Parish, J.R. Black action films, c1989.

LC database, Mar. 6, 2001 (adventure movies; action cinema; adventure films)

When subdivided by the appropriate geographic, topical, and/or form subdivisions, this heading is used for works about action and adventure films.

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