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  • Behaviorism (Psychology)

Behaviorism (Psychology) (Topical Term)

Preferred form: Behaviorism (Psychology)
Used for/see from:
  • Behavioralism (Psychology)
  • Behavioristic psychology
  • Behaviouralism (Psychology)
  • Behaviourism (Psychology)
  • Scientific behaviorism
  • Davranışçılık (Psikoloji)
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Intl. dict. med. biol. (behaviorism, also called behavioristic psychology)

Cambridge dict. of philosophy, 1995 (behaviorism: broadly, the view that behavior is fundamental in understanding mental phenomena. The term applies both to a scientific research program in psychology and to a philosophical doctrine. Accordingly, we distinguish between scientific (psychological, methodological) behaviorism and philosophical (logical, analytical) behaviorism.)

Here are entered works on the theory that the appropriate subject for scientific psychological investigation is observable, measurable behavior. Works on the study of behavior derived from observation of objects, events, and their relationships, and from stimulus and response occurring as a system, rather than as independent events, are entered under Interbehavioral psychology.

Note under Interbehavioral psychology


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